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In Lak etch is new age

Translated from:

In lak'ech / hala ken is a greeting coined by Domingo Martínez Paredes in 1964, in his book Hunab Ku: synthesis of Mayan philosophical thought, representing the Hunab Ku with a square inside a circle or a circle inside a square. He also linked the Hunab Ku with the Mayan expression "In lak'ech" (claiming that it means I am another you) which would get the replied "Hala Ken" (claiming that it means You are another me).

This is "greeting" has nothing to do with the Mayan people, since in every community (whether in Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Belize or El Salvador) there is a different way of greeting, and most greetings express something about the soul, the heart or the being.

Here are examples in 8 different Mayan languages:


¿Bix a béel?
How is your path?

¿Toj a wóol?
How is your soul/being?


¿Jas kub’ij k’ux la?
What does your heart say?

¿La utz wach lal?
How is your front?

¿Jas b’anom lal?
How are you?


¿Ma sa sa’ lach’ool laa’at?
How is your heart?


Chuj Coatán:

Tajxi’ a’ k’ol.
How are you?

Chuj Ixtatan:

Janik’ a’ k’ol
Tajxi’ a’ k’ol?
How is your soul?


¿Ütz awäch?
Is your eye fine?

¿At ütz?
Are you ok?

Ütz matyox
Fine thanks.


¿Nik wach suq na ak’ux?
How is your heart?


K’usi avo’onton
How is your heart?


¿Bajche’ awila?
How are you?

¿Bajch yubil añet?
How are you?

Each Maya language has its own characteristics that make it unique, although they share the same root.

Just to summarize, the "greeting" "In Lak Etch" does not appear in any text, book, stela or manuscript with Latin characters nor is it used by contemporary Mayan speakers.