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Cycle 20 - 1 Rabbit - 13 Flower

Ce Tochtli (1 Rabbit) was considered a good day. Those born on this day were said to be great providers, excellent workers and can become rich. Did not mismanage and did best for a livelihood. They were not lazy. Work was always done right. They would save. They avoided drama.

Ome Atl (2 Water) & Ei Itzcuintli (3 Dog) are good.

Naui Ozomatli (4 Monkey), Macuil Malinalli (5 Grass) and Chicuacen Acatl (6 Reed) are bad.

Chicome Ocelotl (7 Jaguar) is good.

Chicuei Cuauhtli (8 Eagle), Chiconaui Cozcacuauhtli (9 Vulture) and Matlactli Ollin (10 Motion) are bad.

Matlactli Ce Tecpatl (11 Flint), Matlactli Ome Quiahuitl (12 Rain) and Matlactli Ei Xochitl (13 Flower) are good.

And thus the cycle then beginning at Ce Cipactli (1 alligator) and repeats itself.

Thus the last the 20 "weeks/cycles" of the calendar days...