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Cycle 18 - 1 Wind-13 Jaguar

Ce Ehecatl (1 Wind) is considered a bad day. Those born on this day who were noblemen, would be a “sorcerer” (written in Nahuatl as nahualli), astrologer, or someone who can cast spells. They usually do bad things to people who were born on bad days especially those born the ones with 9. If he were a commoner, he was abled to get people possessed. He would danced with the arm taken from a corpse from woman who died at childbirth. They would steal possessions of others. If a woman, she could bewitch by the dismantling of the foot and etc. Day offering for Quetzalcoatl.

Before I get negative comments, the ancients Mexicans didn’t have a binary concept of good and evil like judeo beliefs; they instead believed that anything good could do the potential of bad and bad had the potential of doing good. With people with these powers regardless if they were good or bad, they could do the opposite at any point in their life without any hints.

Nahualli, going with old text is a generic term for someone, usually men, who had supernatural powers; transforms into many forms, forecast weather and/or could use spells to ward off other “sorcerers”. They were marked with this destiny since birth. They understood the “heavens” and the underworld.

Ome Calli (2 House) is bad.

Ei Cuetzpalin (3 Lizard) is good.

Naui Coatl (4 Serpent), Macuil Miquiztli (5 Death) and Chicuacen Mazatl (6 Deer) are bad.

Chicome Tochtli (7 Rabbit) is good.

Chicuei Atl (8 Water), Chiconaui Itzcuintli (9 Dog) and Matlactli Ozomatli (10 Monkey) bad.

Matlactli Ce Malinalli (11 Grass), Matlactli Ome Acatl (12 Reed) and Matlactli Ei Ocelotl (13 Jaguar) are good.