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Mayan New Agers: Hunab Ku

Starting with Carlos Castaneda who castrated Native Mexican beliefs and started the Native Mexican new age movement in which many youth, with their ignorance along with their fragile mind searching for an identity, join and believe without questioning it.

This article will be another article of the exploitation of Mayan culture. Though I mention Carlos Castaneda, it will probably be for another time. This one is about Hunab Ku, the Only God.

Hunab Ku is first heard of in the Chilam Balam, which are 9 manuscripts from different Yucatec Mayan communities written in Yucatec using the Latin alphabet by those who were taught by the Spanish Catholic priests. All books were written after the conquest (the most “recent” parts were written in the 19th century) put together as one. The book may be confusing to the western mind since it isn’t linear along with the writing being very metaphorical which makes it very complex to put in order mentally and translate correctly. Even with all that, there is a lot of useful information like dates (connect to the Julian calendar system even though we use the Gregorian calendar now) along with some history. There is also some mixing with Mayan & Spanish (including Catholicism) beliefs systems, thus Hunab Ku; based on the Catholic god, but “Mayanized”. This book also gives the false notion that at the end of the calendar cycle, it would be the end of the world type scenario influenced by the catholic book of Revelation.

The origin of image that people associate with Hunab Ku is from Codex Magliabechiano which is an ancient Nahua codex, not Mayan, as you can see here:

Jose Arguelles would use a modified image in his 1987 book The Mayan Factor which caused people to confuse it for Mayan.

He also created the Dreamspell calendar which is a corrupt version of the 365 day calendar mixed with the 260 day calendar along with the  I-Ching (which is Chinese).